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Inductive Learning

Peer Practice

Reading for Meaning

With so many demands placed on teachers—higher standards, individual education plans, standards-based lesson designs, greater accountability—finding and implementing the best techniques for your classroom can be a tall order. To be sure, the research is out there, but how can anyone find the time to go through it, convert it into practice, implement it in the classroom, and evaluate it?

The Strategy of the Month Club can help! By learning one—and only one—new strategy each month, the issues of implementation and refinement through regular use are made eminently manageable. And, at the end of a school year, you'll have twelve new strategies under your belt. What's more, the research-to-practice conversion work has been done for you: through our working relationship with hundreds of schools and thousands of educators, we have converted the latest research on learning into practical strategies and refined these strategies in classroom settings. Each strategy has been distilled into a set of simple steps. Each includes examples of implementation for real classrooms and reproducible resources to make implementation in your own classroom a snap. No more wondering if you're using the strategy correctly. No more guesswork around the question "Have these researchers ever really been in a classroom?" With the Strategy of the Month Club, research and practice are brought together in a way that makes it easy for you to bring powerful new techniques into your classroom tomorrow—or even today.

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Teaching What Matters Most: Standards and Strategies for Raising Student Achievement by Richard W. Strong, Harvey F. Silver, Matthew J. Perini